Human Rights Lawyer, Suuad Genem-George speaks about using her connection with nature and the spirit of her grandfather to provide her with the emotional support she needed throughout her life. From her childhood growing up in Palestine, surrounded by nature and a loving family, to her time spent in prison and finally her move to England as a refugee.

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Yanka – My Sorrow is Luminous
George Georgia – Positive Endings
Perpetuum Mobile – Penguin Café Orchestra
Ratatat – Black Heroes
The Album Leaf – Window
Richard Lacey – Falling Forever
Glowworm – Periphescence
Eluvium – Requiem on Frankfort Ave
Al Bowlly – Guilty
Oscar Peterson Trio – Hymn to Freedom

Featuring: Suaad Genem-George

Hosted and Produced by Adam Aspinall